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About QTU

“Universe Shopping Mall” (QTU) opening dates on October 2005. QTU is conveniently situated just 6km from the city center. It offers an convenient layout for easy-access shopping.

QTU remains a premier shopping destination with over 70 shops and restaurants. From casual to modern fashion, dining, kids entertainment, you will find everything for family shoppers in QTU, all in a one floor building. You can get information about Events, Offers and promotions of QTU, via our Homepage.

How to get here?

By Bus

The bus station is located right in the heart of the center and the buses are frequently available. The buses arrive and depart every xminutes. The bus service starts at 8 am daily and the last bus from the city center departs at 8:00 pm. The last bus from QTU departs at 10:40 pm.

Bus schedule

By Car

Even if you are a first time driving in Tr-Dr highway, QTU will not escape from your eyes as QTU is located right in front of the main street, in the right side if coming from the city enter. This way on, QTU is accessed on the first right exit from the highway.

Distance to points of interest:
Airport 12 km
Durres 33 km
Pristina 246 km

Balfin Group


Balkan Finance Investment Group, BALFIN Group, is one of the most significant and successful investment groups in the Western Balkans region.

Geographically, BALFIN Group is present in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and the Netherlands, employing approximately 6,000 people.

The activities of the BALFIN Group include the development and management of real estate, retail, mining industry, banking, tourism, energy, logistics, etc.

BALFIN Group is growing steadily and having a positive impact on neighboring communities through economic development, employment growth and social investment.



BALFIN Group is a pioneer for the creation of retail chains by proposing clients brands and qualitative products at the best prices. Retail activities are concentrated in electronics, clothing, groceries, food and industrial products, children’s toys etc.

Some of the companes are Neptun International, Jumbo, SPAR, Fashion Group Albania, etc.



The most ambitious projects of BALFIN Group are the ones on tourism. BALFIN Group is dedicated in tourism investments and especially the ones of elite & luxury tourism.

The focus has been on the development of residences in the most beautiful touristic areas of the Adriatic and Ioanian sea: Lalëz Bay with Vala Mar Residencies and Palasa with Green Coast Resort & Residencies.



BALFIN Group also manages NewCo Ferronikeli, the largest exporter of Kosovo and one of the largest producers of Nickel in Europe.



BALFIN Group is known for its large investments in the construction field as it was the first step on entering the real estate industry in the 2000s. Initially, the Group focused on the construction of residential and business spaces in Albania, while offering high quality construction and elite services.

Based on this success, they further expanded their activity in the construction of commercial and industrial areas as well as elite projects on tourism, not only in Albania, but also in Austria and North Macedonia.



BALFIN Group is the largest group in Albania.

BALFIN Group has around 6000 employees.

The Annual Turnover of the group is more than 600 million Euros

The Total Value of the Group Assets is more than 1.2 billion $.

BALFIN Group is present in Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and the Netherlands.

BALFIN Group has a diversified portfolio of investments.

Neptun, the biggest chain of Electronics in Albania, and one of the biggest in the Balkans region, is part of BALFIN Group.

Skopje East Gate (SEG) is an investment of BALFIN Group, the biggest of its kind in North Macedonia, with a value of 350 million Euros

BALFIN Group built the first shopping center in Albania, QTU.

The biggest shopping center in Albania, TEG, was built by BALFIN Group.

Mane TCI, the biggest company in the construction field in Albania, is part of BALFIN Group.

BALFIN Group owns Green Coast Resort and Residences – High End Luxury Resort – the one of its kind in Albania.

TH&B Immo is a company of BALFIN Group, operating in real estate development in Austria, where they have two important residential complexes, one of which located in Vienna.

SPAR, the largest international food brand, became part of BALFIN Group in 2016.

BALFIN Group owns NewCo Ferronikeli, the biggest producer and exporter of nickel in Kosovo.

BALFIN Group owns Tirana Bank, the first private bank in Albania.