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Necessary measures for safe purchase

Necessary measures for safe purchase

Necessary measures for safe purchase


Dear visitors, dear tenants, We are happy to be together again and step by step to return to normalcy together doing everything to guarantee safe shopping in our center. QTU has taken many measures which you will have to implement exactly!


Let's take care of each other by following the instructions:


    Please maintain safety distance (2 meters)

    Please use gloves and put on masks that cover the mouth and nose.

    Please wash your hands and use disinfectant regularly (hand washing should be at least 20 seconds)

    Please use cards to make payments in order to avoid direct contact with the money.

    Please do not use the center elevator if you are several persons.

    Please maintain a distance of 4 steps when using the escalator.

    Please respect the interior signs in the center and shops.


Thank you for your support!


In order to ensure that our viewers have a good and smooth shopping experience, the center has taken some precautionary measures:


    The number of cleaning frequencies has increased at points where there is physical contact, such as door handles and escalator support.

    The maximum stay time in the center is 2 hours.

    Security guards will constantly instruct you to maintain distance and other security measures.

    You will find hand sanitizer at the entrance to the center, indoors and toilets.

    Throughout the center, as well as at the entrance, there will be signage that clearly instructs the distances you need to maintain and other safety precautions that must be strictly adhered to according to government guidelines.

    You will find signage on the elevators for how to use.

    The store staff is oriented to instruct customers to maintain safety distance.

    Ongoing information on the rules will be provided on the center's website, radio and social networks.

    Ongoing store staff information on security measures will be provided whenever there are updates.

    There will be no activities inside the center until a new announcement.

    The placement of instructions in the center as well as the controlled entrance are done in such a way that the clients are oriented on how they should move inside the center premises.

    Thermometers are positioned at the main entrances of the center to monitor the condition of the center's clients and employees.